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Industrial Training in Mohali

Skydek Academy, Mohali based leading Web Development Company since 2009, provide Six Months & Six Weeks Industrial Training to B.Tech and MCA Students, which is a part of their Graduate/Post Graduate Degree of Punjab Technical University or other Recognized Universities. We also provide practical training (project based) to passed out Students to enable them to get hand on experience on the latest technologies.

Industrial Training Courses

Website Desgining

Php Development

Cms Training

Networking Training

Graphic Designing

Java Development 


Industrial Traning in mohali

Skydek Solutions represents a core theme that we strive to provide in our services and solutions . Skydek Solutions provides industrial training to BTech/MCA/BCA/Diploma students in fields likeAdvance Networking Technologies(CISCO) ,JAVA development,, PHP Programming and Web development , Redhat (RHCE) and Ubuntu Administration , Microsoft System Administration( MCSE 2003 , MCITP 2008 ).

Courses Available of Six weeks and Six Month Training are..


2. Website Designing, PHP, Java ,.net

3. SEO


WordPress: advantages and disadvantages?

This question is for those individuals/companies who use Word press to run their main site. I’m interested to know why do you find Word press to be your chosen one CMS.

– Simple template-ing
– Relatively simple plug-in development
– Very powerful

SEO friendly, no hard to use, server requirements, not looking for VPS servers or something like that, a tons of plug-in, great community, you have one developer team who work on core files, code is written clean, templates using clean XHTML code .

Maybe only one thing, upgrades to new version have maybe done to early regarding to plugins version, so you must wait to upgrade plug-in on new version and then you can go and upgrade WP.

My conclusion, for the smaller project, best CMS.

– Relatively bad (poor) documentation (no offline documentation) (they should look up to MS SDK documentation)
– They should work on better solutions for moving site “parts” (posts or pages) from one site to another (i don’t think on moving entire site, let’s say moving post from category x to some other site)
– Should be considering more MVC approach in the future

As with any open source project (where anyone can download and have a poke around the code and find security holes) you need to keep your installation bang up to date. Once a security hole is found WP are pretty good at fixing it and making an update quickly but you need to be ready to apply those as soon as they come out. As WP is used so extensively it is a good target which means that you need to be diligent about this. If you employ someone to develop you a site using WP make sure there is money in the budget to get them to update it for you if this isnt something you can do for yourself.

It isn’t a full CMS product – which is fine for a lot of sites – but if your site is moving a long way away from something based around a blog then you might find it starts to creak a bit!

Related to both of the above. It’s just PHP so of course you can hack at it and make it do whatever you like. However if you do this you can find yourself in a situation where it is very time consuming to upgrade as you need to re-implement all your hacks. My advice is that if you can use a straightforward install with some plugins then WP is a good choice, if you need to make major changes for it to work on your site you are probably better looking at some of the CMS options out there.

I like Word press a lot for blog based sites, if that is what you are planning on developing it’s a good choice. Just try to avoid pimping your install out too much and remember that you will need to keep it up to date.