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Industrial Training in Mohali

Skydek Academy, Mohali based leading Web Development Company since 2009, provide Six Months & Six Weeks Industrial Training to B.Tech and MCA Students, which is a part of their Graduate/Post Graduate Degree of Punjab Technical University or other Recognized Universities. We also provide practical training (project based) to passed out Students to enable them to get hand on experience on the latest technologies.

Industrial Training Courses

Website Desgining

Php Development

Cms Training

Networking Training

Graphic Designing

Java Development 

future of open source Technology

Open source is known and refers to a program in which Source code of any Utility is available in the Internet Market and can be modified its design and its infrastructure  and its functionality according to your need

  • The software being distributed must be redistributed to anyone else without any restriction.
  • The source code must be made available (so that the receiving party will be able to improve or modify it).
  • The license can require improved versions of the software to carry a different name or version from the original software.

In the future of Internet Technology Open Source Play a important Role In IT Sector and on the Development Sector. Now A days all the Organization are using Open Source Technology For their Organization Because they can modified any thing according to their Way

Example of Open Source

Linux is the Number One Example of the Open Source. In the Future all the Companies will shift their server From Microsoft to the Linus server because it is open Source operating System..

Microsoft is a paid server which increase the expensiveness of the company and their are only support 2 to 3 utilities at single time. But in Linux is a open source operating system which can be free in the market.

1. Source code is available in the market  and it can be modified according to the security of the company

2. Free  from virus because it does not support .exe files.

3. Securities utilities are inbuilt.. we don’t have to another security Devices

4.Its is multitasking and mutliuser operating system .

5. You can also create your utilities and used in the Linux machine

6.Support number of server in a single time most of the projects are bulding on a Linux platform

Why a company should hire you?

Company hire those persons who has a capability to understand their product knowledge and can sell in the market. Don\’t use these types of words in the interview like \’I am the best\’ or \’I am very hard working and dedicated\’.etc. Just show and pinpoint the qualities you have that are valuable for the company .

Your main should for which designation your are going and how to explain your qualities according to that Job profile

Best of Luck
Skydek solutions

Constraints of different browsers

Is your website attractive, well laid out, fast to load and easily navigable? Can a user find the information he needs with just 3 clicks? Design for the Web needs to be focused, relevant and crisp since it is bound by so many other constraints. Constraints of different browsers, different screen resolutions and different bandwidth all come into play. The same design can look disastrously different in different situations.
So next time when you visit any developing office , be sure to ask them for testing of your website.